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August 27, 2009

Welcome to Charity For Sale @ Alice Design Studio

Welcome to Charity For Sale @ Alice Design Studio !

Charity For Sale @Alice Design Studio

is a fund raising event runned by Alice Design Studio.
Alice Design Studio
is an advertising company
who supports and advertises the fund-raising event for the
PPKKCTM home organization in order to help them raise
funds for their new building for the special children
under their care.
To help PPKKCTM raise funds, we are
helping them by selling 2nd hand goods that
are still in good condition. Feel free to drop by
our office if you wish to check out the items we have
up for sale OR
if you wish to donate to the PPKKCTM
home. Every cent we make goes to the PPKKCTM fund.

A litle about PPKKCTM....


PPKKCTM is Non-Religious, Non-Political,
Non- Government and Non-Profit organization
specially established to look after the needs of
"Special Children"

PPKKCTM is currently serving almost 140
multi-racial children with variuos disabilities aging
from 2 months to 55 years suffering from
Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, phisically challenged, etc
as well as under privileged children from broken homes

The home was founded by the late Mr.Manikumar,
himself physically handicapped, with a vision to provide
an environment for the betterment of young disabled
children. Tragically, he passed away in a motor
vehicle accident in 2006, at the age of 43. In
recognition of his services, he was awarded the
NST-Prince Waterhouse Coopers Malaysian the

PPKKCTM employ several professional therapists to
provide training and physiotherapy to the special
children. 67 children are going to normal schools and
special schools for their education.
Most children here are admitted without any fees as they
come from low income families. PPKKCTM accept them
without hesitation with an utimatum to provide them
rewarding and fulfilling lives in the future.

If costs approximately RM60,000 to run the Home.
Initially the funds needed to run the Home came from
sales of souvenirs produced at the Home by the special
children. Unfortunately,the Home has no license to
sell souvenirs, therefore it is now dependent entirely
on donations from the public.

In January 2009, the Home fully settled the deal
for the land and soon the design process will begin,
led by their architect. RM5.5 million is projected to
be the cost of the building. Needless to say, they
do not possess the financial strength to settle this
problem alone. Therefore, the Home has launched
an all-out fund raising drive and welcomes any form
of assistance from kind heart souls. Assistances in
the form of cash, love or kindness is most welcome and
feel free to contribute generously towards this worthly cause.

We accept donations in:-

1) Cash :- With receipt ---> claim tax
- Without receipt

2) Donation of food ---> eg. rice,oil,etc..

3) Donation of Clothes, OR 2nd hand items that
are still in good condition.

3) Cash with return of Children's card

For more information , contact :-

Alice Design Studio
Studio Number : 03-5637-4229
Studio Address :
No.29,Jalan USJ 8/2B,
47610 Subang Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.
e-mail : charityforsale@gmail.com
Office hours : 9am-5pm


  1. This is a good job done by my staff name Koh Tsi-En, Tai Oai Yen & Ginny Lim!


  2. We all loved Charity very much
    Her smile filled our hearts
    With her glowing touch
    She left her footprints
    Among everyone's soul
    She made a difference in life
    She easily took the leading role

    She had spirit to cheer up the most negative crowd
    and wherever she went
    Her cheery voice rang loud
    She's a girl I always looked up to
    A personality I'd love to have
    At school she was more than just a beautiful face
    Among each and every hall,
    And now that she's gone
    The world will forever fall.

    Charity had a smile that
    Could make the world shine each and every day,
    That smile let us all know
    That no matter what, it would be okay.

    And even though physically
    That smile is no longer here
    It'll be with us forever
    It'll help dry the loneliest tear.

    Now each and every one of us
    Holds a part of Charity
    Forever near our hearts,
    And that's where it'll stay
    Until the beginning of time ends
    And the end only starts.

  3. -Charity-
    Though I did not know her
    She must have been special
    For the mourning and sorrow
    Absorbed through my eyes
    Was an immense wall of pain
    To see so many shattered hearts
    And so many tearful eyes
    It was my inner wish
    To comfort all who cried
    In her memory.
    Please Lord,
    Take her hand and guide
    her soul,
    so that she may know
    the happiness of ever lasting life.

  4. Special THANKS to Latest Volunteers:-

    Albert Lim Kok Keng
    Ginny Lim Hooi Boon
    Mitsuko Tai Oai Yen
    Koh Tsi-En
    Miko Pon Lee Min
    Koh Tsi Minn
    Koh Tsi Wei
    Neoh Tien Loong
    Stanley Gan
    Kelvin Tan
    Vincent Wong

    Alice Wong Yah Chuin